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Tamsco is primarily known for its energy efficient lighting solutions offered in various sectors (indoor & outdoor) with a major focus on making the products long-lasting for our valued corporate clients. We target to cut down the impact of lighting on electricity bills through retro-fitting the in-efficient appliances with sensor based & solar integrated solutions. Our company is also proud to be the sole distributor of Frater® lighting brand owned by AW Rostamani, Dubai. Frater has advance LED modules and offer a warranty period of up-to 5-years.

Research & development on LED technology enabled us to understand various electronic components and PCBs. We were able to service the needs of Maritime Technologies Complex & National Electronics Complex of Pakistan, Islamabad. Work orders are attached.

Our Specialization

We provide best quality lighting solutions at .affordable costs

Striving to provide a solution to current electricity crisis in Pakistan, we stand in front with innovative technology and outstanding quality standards.

With the brand name TAMSCO we offer high quality LED Lights at most competitive Prices. Our R&D team consistently works on latest technologies to provide useful products while keeping the globe greener.

About us

We share to strengthen.

TAMSCO established in 2007 deals in various kind of energy saving equipment including but not limited to EcoTECH energy saving tube lights  with indoor and outdoor solution. Building energy saving is the vital step toward achieving sustainability in organizations and diminishes production cost in industrial sector.

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Our Clients

Minhaj University Lahore
Global Pharma
Askari Bank
The City School
Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd.
Kohinoor Mills Ltd.
Sadaqat Ltd.
Silk Bank
Alcatel Lucent
Gift University